Napa, CA CCO (Napa Premium Outlets)


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Today saw quite a few pigments including Mutiny, Dark Soul, Lark About, Off the Radar, Cocomotion, Circa Plum. There were others but I can't remember right now. Lots of eyeshadow quads and MES. Not sure about other things as I just made a b-line for the case with the pigments.


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I might be going to this one next weekend if I can talk the boyfriend into a detour on the way home from SF to Reno. I'm hoping to hit this one and Vacaville on the same trip. If I do I'll be sure to post everything.


Hey everyone, went to the Napa outlet today. They have a lot of stuff, so I think this has become my favorite of the Bay Area CCOs. I tried to write down as much as I could, but there was a lot and it became a bit overwhelming.

They had a bunch of the Holiday '09 items:
  • house of mirth deep lip set
  • put a spell on you lip set
  • love's divine lash kit
  • pinkzapoppin mineralize kit
  • fun in the sun mineralize kit
  • morning, noon and knight eye brush set
  • do the trick buff and line brush set
  • smoke and mirrors eyeshadow palette
  • mystic cool eyeshadow palette
  • devil may dare eyeshadow palette
  • 2 or 3 of the pigment sets
  • heavenly dish lip palette
  • possessed by pink lip palette
  • hocus focus colorful face kit
  • fab-racadabra bronze face kit
other items (I've listed the colors I know I saw):
  • adoring carmine 3 lips set
  • 11 tendertone lip balms
  • naked honey salve, hand and body cream and body wash
  • strobe liquid lotion and cream
  • 2 types of charged waters (green and red)
  • lightful ultramoisture creme
  • several loose powders and loose blushes
  • several powder and cream blushes
    • flirt & tease, some other perm items
  • a few paint pots
    • soft ochre and groundwork (?)
  • richmetal metal-x products
  • lots of slimshine lipsticks
  • lots of other lipsticks including one from the Hello Kitty collection
  • two sculpt and shape duos: sculpt/accentuate and another
  • 6 or 7 MSFs - porcelain pink, sunny by nature for sure
  • at least 20 different eyeshadows
    • from the starflash collection: mink and sable, grand entrance, dreammaker, star by night, lotusland
    • pink venus
    • illegal cargo
  • several quads
    • shadowy lady
    • tempting
    • tone: gray
    • in the gallery
    • stowaways
    • also the two eyeshadow quads from the HK collection
hopefully this is helpful to you guys!


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I went to the Napa CCO too Ariesd! Yeah there was soo much stuff it was great and slightly overwhelming.You have a great list!

I've added what I remember excluding those already mentioned by Ariesd in the previous post.

</p> Blush:
Sweet as Cocoa Blush
Enough Said blush
Earth to Earth mineralize blush
Improvise mineralize blush
Light over dark mineralize blush
Pleasureful Cream Blush

Virgin Isle CCB
Bat Black CCB
Pearl CCB
Bronze CCB

A few mattene slimshines
Freckletone l/s
Dubonett l/s
One HK lippie

MSFs (holey moley tons!)
Warm Blend
Triple Fusion
Perfect Topping
Two of the half MSFN natural / MSF shimmer

165 brush


Dark Soul


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OMG both of your lists gave me butterflies in my stomach. I'm trying to write a paper right now but I can't stop thinking about all the amazing things I want to get.

Is that the sign of an addict or what?


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Definitely sign of an addict Snarkling

Yeah, me and my friend were so excited once we got there! I have never seen that much of a good MAC selection at a CCO. They must have just gotten a shipment or something.

Good luck on your paper!


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Originally Posted by jazmatazz
Definitely sign of an addict Snarkling

Yeah, me and my friend were so excited once we got there! I have never seen that much of a good MAC selection at a CCO. They must have just gotten a shipment or something.

Good luck on your paper!

Thank you!

I turned it it with 18 seconds to spare
it was actually 3 different papers but all due for the same class tonight as my midterm. Ugh!

I think I almost talked my BF into making the detour there. Also, I'm actually considering not picking up anything from Liberty of London, even though the BF promised me two things from the collection if I got my papers in, just so I can spend more at the outlets. Sigh! How is a girl to choose?

Do you know how long stuff usually lasts at the Napa store? I doubt I could buy everything I want from this trip but I usually head down to SF to see my family about once a month so I can easily pick up things on the next trip too.


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Oooh I am so jealous! I am going to be at this CCO next month! Grrr. I am taking a trip to CA to see my parents, but it's still 2 1/2 weeks away! All the good stuff's gonna be gone!! LOL. BOOO.

Oh well - maybe they will get more, or still have quite a bit when I make it there!


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i am sooo heading out there!!
and to the vacaville one!!! gosh you guys are killing me(my bank acct actually.. ill be very happy) .. and my bf!!! he will be getting a lil trip for his "birthday" weekend..


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Originally Posted by gliterraindrops
quick question.... are there limits like other CCOs? for example we are only allowed to buy 3 items from the store... which is LAME!

I might be wrong which in case someone else who is far more knowledgeable will come in and correct me, but I don't think the rules is that you can't buy more than 3 products, just that you can't buy more than 3 of the same product so for example you couldn't buy more than 3 dreamaker eye shadows, but you could buy one of every eye shadow they have.

I know I have bought way more than 3 things from the CCO in Vacaville multiple times. In fact I don't think I've ever bought less than five things in a trip but that’s just a personal problem.


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Originally Posted by gliterraindrops
quick question.... are there limits like other CCOs? for example we are only allowed to buy 3 items from the store... which is LAME!

I've heard no more than 3 items and or a certain dollar amount (can't spend over $400; something like that).

But each stores rules differ a little. Play it safe and call the Napa CCO.

If I ever find Blanc Type e/s again at a CCO, I'm buying the entire stock. lol


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I just called as I'm planning to go there this weekend.. You have a limit of 3 of the same item and there is a $300 limit. But the s.a said they will do multiple transactions so there shouldn't be a problem unless each s.a is diff


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Originally Posted by fallenang3l211
Would anyone be willing to cp warm blend ms f &vanilla pigment for me? tia.

What does cp mean??? Newbie sorry


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cp = custom purchase :] you'd be helping me pick up a couple items, i'd pay you back for the items + shipping + a little extra for you helping me out!


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ohh thanks. I went to the one in PA state; frankmills outlet i believe? (vacation)
they only allowed me to buy 3 items from the store and said i can't come back for another 3 months. They got their wish cus I am not going there ever again!


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Hey all! I just got back from this CCO... Out of the 3 that are in my area (Vacaville, Gilroy, & Napa)... NAPA is the best one, hands down!

The last time I came here was in October, & they have a ton more items in stock now than they did back then..

They had pretty much all of the things listed in the previous posts, but here's what I can remember:


- Improvise
- Earth to Earth
- Light Over Dark
- Blossoming
- Tenderling
- Feeling
- Harmony
- Blunt
- Sweet as Cocoa
- Secret Blush
- X-Rocks
- Enough Said
- about 8 more, can't remember the names

- Both Naked Honey highlighter powders
- Both Rose Romance Beauty Powders
- 2 Powders with the square pattern.. Sun Centered i think?
- 1 Emanuel Ungaro powder
- Both face/blush kits from Holiday 09

- Belightful Iridescent powder
- A few Studio Sculpt foundations in dark shades
- About 5-7 loose powders
- About 8 CCBs (including Pearl, Bat Black, & Tint)
- Paint Pots in Moss Scape, Greenstroke, & Quite Natural
- About 3-4 Fluidlines
- 1 Eyebrow pencil in a taupe shade - the lighter one (the automatic kind)
- About 3-4 Shadesticks

MSFs (this is where I went nuts!!)

- MSFNatural w/shimmer in Light & Medium Dark
- Porcelain Pink
- Triple Fusion (only 1 left!)
- Warm Blend (TONS of these.. at least 10)
- Sunny by Nature
- Perfect Topping (only a few left)
- Refined (only 1 left!)
- Cheeky Bronze (3 left)
- Blonde
- Brunette


- Goldensoft
- Amber Russe


- Strayin (Hello Kitty)
- Fast Thrill
- Show Orchid
- Dubonnet
- Rozz Revival
- Cosmo
- Sweet Thing
- Ahoy There
- Freckletone
- High Def
- Strange & Exotic
- a few from the Monogram collection
- about 4-6 mattenes
- about 6-8 slimshines
- a ton of Lip palettes (mostly the ones that come in 3 shades)


- Nico
- Naked Space
- Corsette
- about 8 more I cant remember
- about 4 Dazzleglass Cremes
- 1 Cremesheen glass (a dark burgundy color)
- 3-4 Dazzleglasses (no more Comet Blue though
- All tri color lipglasses from Sugarsweet

- About 8 nailpolishes, mostly darker shades.. 1-2 from Hello Kitty

- Naked Honey Skin Salve
- Naked Honey Body Wash
- 1 other Naked honey item, I forgot what it was...same exact size & packaging as the body wash though

- About 8 -10 Tendertones
- About 4 lip conditioning sticks
- Lightful moisturizing cream (in the tub)
- Strobe Cream

- About 6-8 liquid eyeliners/glitter eyeliners
- About 4-5 concealer touch up sticks

- Accentuate/Sculpt (Sculpt&Shape duo)
- Lightsweep/Shadester (Sculpt&Shape duo)

- About 8-10 Pro-Longwear lip colors
- About 10 pigments (old packaging)
- Sexpot pigment set from Holiday 09
- Cool Capers pigment set from Holiday 09
- 1 other pigment set from 08 I think.. the one that came in a red cylinder packaging w/Quietly, Teal, etc.
- Pinkzapoppin Mineralize Kit
- Fun in the Sun Mineralize Kit
- Holiday 09 lip kits (both pink & bronze)
- 2 "Look in a Box" kits
- 2 brush sets from Holiday 09
- Fafi t-shirts
- A bunch of MAC cosmetic bags in various sizes & colors
- 165 brush
- Flat top Kabuki brushes - 3 different sizes (forgot what #s.. the ones w/white bristles/hairs)


- About 4 of the Mineralize eyeshadow duos from Holiday 09
- About 4 Mineralize eyeshadow Trios from 08 (including Interview, Danger Zone, etc)
- About 20 eyeshadows.. about 5-8 starflashes, 3 Style Warriors, 3 Neo Sci Fi, & a ton more from various collections
- Tempting quad
- In the Gallery quad
- Shadowy Lady quad
- Tone: Grey quad
- Stowaways quad
- Fafi 2 quad
- both Hello Kitty quads
- 3 eyeshadow palettes from Holiday 09
- 3 eyeshadow palettes from Holiday 08
- 2 lipglass sets from Holiday 09
- 1 eyeliner set from Holiday 08

The only other area I looked was Bobbi Brown, where I saw they had 4 shimmerbricks (2 in silver packaging.. Copper Diamond & Pink Diamond I believe.. & 2 in regular black packaging - Beige & Pink)

Definitely worth a trip out there (soon!) while they still have all of these in stock...



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Hey lovelies, I stopped by Napa CCO the other day (yes, again
).. They still have EVERYTHING I listed in the post above, plus some additional items I'll list below:


- Cheek & Cheerful Mineralize Blush
- Style Demon Mineralize Blush
- Love Rock Mineralize Blush
- Hand Finish Mineralize Blush
- The Perfect Cheek blush
- Noteable blush
- Sweet William blushcreme
- Just a Pinch gel blush

- they added a TON more Perfect Topping & Refined MSFs (they still have all the ones listed in the previous post too, EXCEPT Triple Fusion)

I noticed a few new Dazzleglasses & lipglasses:

- Jingle, Jangle (from Holiday 09)
- Goldyrocks
- Stop! Look!

- Oh Baby!
- Little VI

Also a few new Lipsticks (or ones I didnt notice before):

- Lollipop Loving
- Blow Dry
- the black one from Style Black
- Coral Polyp
- a few from Neo Sci Fi

- They have all Magic, Mirth, & Mischief eyeshadow palettes, pigment sets, lip palettes, & face kits.. but only 3 of the Mineralize eyeshadow duos (the purpley ones)

- Eyeliner mini set, 2 different lipglass mini sets, 1 pigment mini set from an older holiday collection (red packaging, maybe Holiday 08?)

Pigments (all in old style packaging):

- Vanilla
- Sweet Sienna
- Teal
- Mega Rich
- Antique Green
- Gold Stroke
- Chocolate Brown
- Ruby Red
- Dark Soul
- Blue Storm
- Spiritualize
- Reflects Purple Duo
- about 5 more


- all listed in previous post
- Femme Fi
- Night Manoevres
- Evening Aura
- Time & Space
- a ton more

- all the Metal X creme shadows
- about 6 Mineralize e/s duos/trios

- all quads & palettes listed in previous post
- Fresh Cut palette


- 183
- 181 SE
- 165
- 129 SH

- All brush sets from Holiday 09

- About 8 metallic/glitter liquid eyeliners
- A couple Richmetal highlighters
- Blue Peep & New Weed fluidlines
- Brow Finisher (in blonde shade I think)
- 3 eyebrow powder sets (the ones that come in slide-out boxes)

- All the Sun Tints liquid lip balms (the ones that came out w/the Tinted Moisturizer last summer)
- A ton of Tendertones

- Naked Honey body stuff (including skin salve)
- Lightful moisturizer
- Moisturelush cream
- Strobe liquid
- lots of Loose Powders (Tenderdusk, Golden Bronze, etc)

About 8-10 nailpolishes (Varicose Violet, Vestral White, $$$ Yes, etc)

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