NARS albatross looks cakey


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I think albatross is a beautiful highlighter but however I apply it after a short time it becomes cakey and looks horrible. I don’t have another NARS blush to compare it too but I don’t have particularly oil or dry skin and I’ve never experienced this with any other product. Albatross receives very high reviews and I was wondering if anyone else experiences the same problem and if you have found some way to overcome it? I have to hide it at the back of my draw to resist the temptation to use it, when I first apply it looks beautiful but when it settles it’s disgusting :-(. I haven’t purchased any other NARS blushes from fear I will have the same results, has anyone else experienced this?


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Hmm, I don't have Albatross because it's too yellow for me but it shouldn't be cakey.

What are you using under it and what are you using to apply it? As a powder highlighter, you'll probably find it applies better if you have a little bit of setting powder underneath it. It might grab on to a liquid foundation and look patchy. Of course brushes and application techniques are always important. The best tool would depend on the effect you're going for and what size area you're applying to but maybe you need a more sheer application?

NARS blushes are very pigmented and some are very shimmery so they're not the easiest to use. They do blend well though and I think they wear very well. If there's a colour that appeals to you then it's worth trying.

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