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Place all your NARS swatches and product photographs in this thread - please ensure that your images are clear, in focus and as colour-accurate as possible!
For the sake of clarity, I ask that official product images and swatches (those that you would find on a mailer postcard, sourced from NARS or posted on the official NARS website) are not posted in this thread. This is for your pictures.

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NARS Venice lipstick on unlined lips.

NARS Venice lipstick

MAC Porcelain Pink, NARS Venice, MAC Bombshell lipsticks.

NARS Miss Sadie lipliner.

NARS Miss Sadie lipliner.

NARS Schiap lipstick on unlined lips.

NARS Schiap lipstick.


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*~*Here goes my *small* but growing Nars collection...*~*

From Left:Glosses:
Stolen Kisses, Giza, Greek Holiday, Gothika, Chihuahua, Turkish Delight
Outlaw Blush

No Flash:



Swatch on NC 50 arm:
From Left (with flash):
Turkish Delight, Chihuahua, Gothika, Greek Holiday, Giza, Stolen Kisses, Outlaw blush

No Flash:



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NARS Night Porter eyeshadow.

NARS Desire blush.

NARS Luster blush.

NARS Deep Throat blush.

NARS Laguna bronzer.


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Night Flight + Rated R photos taken in rapidly fading natural light. Exhibit A taken had some help from Mr. Lightglobe >_<


Rated R Duo:

Exhibit A:

Swatches on NW45 skin in natural lighting (Click thumbnails for larger image):

Cloudburst, Night Flight, Black Tied



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NARS Frisky Summer on unlined lips.

NARS Frisky Summer.

NARS Bloodwork on unlined lips.

NARS Orgasm gloss on unlined lips.

NARS Funny Face lipliner.

NARS Jungle Red lipliner.


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Giza lipgloss:

Earth Angel eyeshadow duo:

Bellissima eyeshadow duo:

Abyssinia eyeshadow single (new colour):

Orgasm blush:



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NARS Giza on unlined lips


NARS Bilitis on unlined lips.

NARS Bilitis.

NARS Bloodwork.


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My Nars blush collection swatches ~ (●′ω`●)

For reference, I'm NC 20/25, EL Double Wear Light 1.0, Chanel 20, Dior20, Alima Beige 2

Deep Throat

Mata Hari (Right) & Gina (Left)

NARS Crazed



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edited to add a thumbnail! Sorry, I thought that the picture size complied with the rules (800x572)


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Some of my Nars. I might swatch stuff this weekend, but the natural light got bad suddenly. These were all taken in natural light, no enhancements or anything fancy.

The Night Series collection. Night Star, Night Snow, Night Fever (top). Night Rider, Night Clubbing, and Night Fairy (bottom).

Blush: Lovejoy

Blush: Outlaw

Blush: Mata Hari.

They're all linked, so if the pics are too small, you can click to see larger versions.

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Left to right: Dolce Vita, Pigalle, Christina, Transeurope Express, Morocco, Red Lizard, Captiva. All lipsticks

Night Fairy, Night Clubbing, Night Rider, Night Fever, Night Star, and Night Snow

The last two are incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to see.


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left to right:
blushes: Sin, Orgasm, Desire, Habanera e/s duo

Gothica l/g, Dolce Vita l/s

On C35, medium pigmented lips
No flash, Dolce Vita

Flash, Dolce Vita

No flash, DV l/s w/ Gothica l/g

Flash, DV l/s w/ Gothica l/g