NARS Cosmetics Spring 2009

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What better to offset the spring runway's preponderance of exotic prints, slinky jumpsuits, and bold patterns crammed with oversize blooms, than a beauty look that is both strong and sophisticated.

"My inspiration for spring was a very sexy woman," explains Franois Nars, Founder and Creative Director of NARS Cosmetics. "I wanted a bit of a '70s feeling, somewhere between Guy Bourdin and Chris Von Wangenheim's photographs—aggressive, but very sensual and fragile at the same time." In the '70s, Bourdin and Von Wangenheim's iconic images for Charles Jourdan and of the late supermodel Gia Carangi respectively, were sharp-focus portraits of savage eroticism—Nars' modern vision is more beautiful, less brutal.

A striking matte brick-red eyeshadow, made infinitely more wearable in combination with a pearly white shadow or simple black liner, is tempered by a sweet, baby pink glossy lip; while eyes painted in pastel hues of dusty rose, sage and lilac are a fitting match for a statement-making berry lip. And everything should be paired with the only cheek for spring: sparkling and sculpted.

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This looks like a stunning collection. I can't pull off red eyeshadow, but the rest looks glorious.


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I am so excited to swatch the red from this collection. Im curious how diffrent it will be from nars emmanuel eyeshadow... Any thoughts


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Yesssssssss is all I can say to more red eyeshadow.
That lip color looks very nice, too.

*still waiting for her Holiday NARS to arrive in the mail*


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Originally Posted by forevernars
I'm a Nars fan but none of those seem to interest me :/

Man I thought I was seeing things.. this is the Spring 2009 -- which means it is past and done. The red ES was the grenadines and it is a great color but how come we are digging up this stuff from LAST Spring??

Wake up children

Corvs Queen

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No need for the "wake up children" bit. It was an honest mistake for sure.
But back onto the subject of this thread. I would love to know what they will be doing for Spring 10. I wish we had NARS here. But just my luck it would be way to expensive to make a habit out of it.
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