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Natural Pinup Tutorial


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Finally, here is the pinup tutorial I promised to make. It took me quite a while but now it's finally done!



1. Do your base, primer around the eye and a thick layer of
powder underneath to easily get rid of the eyeshadow fallouts.


2. Put a light matte pink eyeshadow - here I used MAD
Minerals "Coy Pink"
- from the lashline up to the brow.


3. Put a cold light brown shadow - MAD Minerals
- in the crease. Wing it at the end, like an S.



4. Hightlighter! Today will my highlighter be matte
because the rest of the look is. The highlighter
will be put in the middle of the eyelid, under
the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye.
Here I've just used my regular powder with a brush.


5. Fill the lower lashline in with MAD Minerals "Cornerstone".


6. Draw your eyeliner!


7. Clean your lashes from fallouts and do your mascara.
Also fill your waterline in with a white liner.


8. Remove the powder and do your brows!


9. Match your eye makeup with a pretty blush!
Here I used Make Up Stores blush "Complex".


Done! That wasn't too hard, was it?

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