NC/NW Confusion

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Can someone please help me understand these terms better? I've read the description on this website, but I still don't quite get it. NC means you are warm-toned, right? But then this website says that it also means "neutralizes cool" does that mean that if you are warm-toned you would want to neutralize any cool in your face? I would think you would want to neutralize the warmness

I don't wear foundation, so I haven't had to deal with these terms much. MUAs have told me that I am "cool", yet when I look at my skin it looks more olive-toned. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, though. It seems that I can wear both cool-toned and warm-toned makeup - is that possible? I have been give NC for Select Sheer powder, which would mean that I am warm-toned. But for undereye concealer I have been give that because undereye circles are cool-toned (blue, purple)?

Anyways, I know this is long, but my main confusion is the whole neutralizing thing and I would love if someone could explain it to me!

Edited to add that I know you look at your wrist veins to determine your colouring, but mine don't look blue or green, they look blue-green!
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