Need rec for a product that's similar to TnT Herbal Eyebase


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a friend of mine is upset that she can't get hold of her staple Herbal Eye Base in Olive, now that the brand has shut down. it's pretty daunting to start hunting through counters to find a replacement for something you adore.

Anyone have any ideas? I guess she loves that it's not just a straight up concealer. The texture and colour was made for her.


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Well i used to have the herbal eye base to get the e/s to stay on longer. But on my i found that it creased a lot. My new favorites are either UD primer potion or Benefit FY eye. IMO these are way better than the eye base. HTH


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Has she tried the Laura Mercier Eye Basics or the Trish McEvoy Base Essentials? Both come in different colors and help e/s resist creasing.


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Lancome Aquatek is pretty good, but it is a strange color.
I like Mary Kay eye primer and UD primer potion. Neutrogena cooling cream eyeshadow (in a little pot) is OK too. It only comes in 2 shades, Honey (more yellow/golden) and Petal (a cooler, pinkier shade). It does have the "minty/cooling" feeling too, so if she doesn't want that, she might not like it.

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