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I'm really getting into this Face of the Day thing, whoo!

So here's my second one =] Everything is MAC Except where otherwise specified.

Clinique Moisture Surge Mousturizer
Select Cover-Up: NC20
Studio Fix Fluid: NC15
Fun & Games Blush

Ricepaper Eyeshadow
Saddle Eyeshadow
Gesso Eyeshadow
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner: Bourbon
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner: Yeyo
Plush Lash Mascara: Plushblack

Lipglass: Mimmy

I have to say... The 226 brush makes a blended crease completely foolproof, I'm so glad I bought it and today was my first Test-Drive with it, as it were. Love!






Oh, and nails = Vestral White and Something About Pink nail laquer from the HK collection <3


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Well done! your skin looks flawless and good job on the color combo, perfect for your skin tone!


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Thank you, you guys =]

Hehe, my skin is faar from perfect. But my webcam self-regulates lighting, which always seems to make my skin look amazing. I love it, but I wish the real thing looked like that lol. xx


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Rosasola: The 226 brush is a tapered crease brush that came out with the Brunette-Blonde-Redhead collection. It's absolutely perfect for crease work, I highly recommend it - if you can find one. Most places are sold out, I hear, because everyone loves the brush and it's limited edition. x


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very pretty and i love the nails! Do you ride a bike?? I see ur cute jacket hangin up in the background


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Hehe thank you!

The nails were a total disaster at first but not so bad now. I got the polish all over my fingers lol.

I Ride a bike but I do not "drive" it ^^ I ride bitch on my aunt's lol. But I love it <3 I have a matching pink helmet also =]

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