New Falsies!!


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Hello lovely ladies

While out shopping a while ago, I came across a big cosmetic sale at one of my local drugstores. I managed to pick up THE most beautiful falsies I've ever seen.... and for a whopping $1!! I figured it was worth that just for the glue that came with it! And the white strips glow in the dark (although they don't show up in the picture since they're on a white background).

So... here's my problem. How on earth would I possibly ever wear these?
What colour eyeshadows would you guys recommend to wear with them? I recently moved into a new place and was planning a little housewarming party and figured that would be the perfect excuse to show these babies off!


Thanks in advance!


i would throw a themed housewarming party (maybe vegas and have a poker table for the guys?) so that you can get all dressed up and wear them with some crazy makeup! have fun!


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That's a great idea!

I just got back from a trip to Vegas, so I can use all my goodies I brought back to decorate.



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Those look mad fun.

The Vegas themed housewarming party sounds like a great idea.

As far as makeup recs, if you're going for Vegas, then do it up with lots of glam, lots of drama.


Flammable paint as a base on the lid, topped with Amber Lights (inner lid), Firespot (middle of lid), and Cranberry (outer lid.) Highlight with Jest on the browbone and inner corner of the eye.

Line the top lashline with a nice cat eye (Blacktrack fluidline or perhaps, or some Black Tied e/s), line the bottom lashline with Lovestone mineralized e/s and finish off with a nice glowing cheek and lips coated with some Chromeglass.

Hope that helped a bit.

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