New from Spain!


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Hi everyone! I'm new here
I love MAC since the day I discovered it, and I'm enjoying this site very much (and learning a lot!). I'm still begining my own little collection of MAC stuff, it keeps growing every day. Can't wait for the new collections!

I also like Stila a lot, only that in Spain it's not available, so we have to buy it on internet, and everything gets SOOO overpriced


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Hi there! I am new too. I feel like MAC has really upgraded my look. I was in a rut with my makeup routine. It's so exciting seeing their new editions coming out. I love it.



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Welcome to our community, glad to have all of you here.
What a cute Blythe in your avatar paopao, is she yours?


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Originally Posted by paopao
Yes, the Blythe in my avatar is mine
Isn't she cute?

She's beautiful, I have two girls myself.

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