new hair...i need help.


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right now my hair is kind of shortish/medium length, and layered. i have the bangs off to the side and it's my natural colour [dark brown] with bleached highlights.

it needs a change. i want something kind of trendy and choppyish...does anyone have an reccomendations for cuts?


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I love cutting hair with razors. I know some stylist's won't even use them, but it creates really cute haircuts.


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For your hair I looked through your pics from your FOTDS and I think for your face shape straight across bangs would look really nice. The cut I have in mind is kind of like this:

It does not have a lot of texture (but cool as hell) but you can ask your stylist to add short layers if you want. Though I'm not sure if more layers would work because I think your hair looks a little thin. If you like this look your stylist will make more reccs. because I can't really say too much because I only saw pics of your hair from your FOTD. If in person I could think of like a hundred ideas

Credit to Rainbow Room International for pictures.

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