New Nars Lipgloss (Sephora)


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The color descriptions sound beautiful (especially Strawberry Fields, Luster, and Oasis) but I hate the NARS lipgloss formulation with a passion so I won't be buying.


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What a cute idea! I bet they'll look sooo good paired with their matching blush. I haven't seen them in person or noticed them until u posted.


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Nordies has a color exclusive to them. It is Luxor. I picked this up yesterday. It is stunning. Looks exactly like the Multiple only in l/g form. Luxor is my favorite multiple so this was a no brainer for me.


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i had the chance to check these colors out this weekend, and they're gorgeous. They have quite a bit of pigmentation to them, and dont have that odd smell some NARS lip stuff do. I grabbed Luster and Angelika, but I really want to grab Albatross too


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Yeah, Angelika is really pretty in person. I saw it the other day when I went to buy Hot Wired Lip Lacquer. I may pick it up next time I'm in store.