new shiny mac lettering?


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While I was washing my new brush today, I saw the mac lettering was shiny! I've checked my other mac brushes and they're all dull. Any info? just curious. Thanks!


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The SE brushes with short handles from the Colour Form collection had shiny lettering.
Do you have these? Or have you got regular handles?


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Interesting. I hate the lettering on MAC brushes because it comes off so quickly. I missed the tip about painting over it with clear nail polish by a week, because all the lettering on my 187 is completely rubbed off. (And I did buy it authentic at a counter, so I know it's not that. =])


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Well, I'm glad I saw your post, because I hadn't heard about the clear nail polish, and the lettering on my 187, 239, and 272 is about halfway I just grabbed some nail polish and painted them a minute ago. Now I just have to remember to do the same thing to the 217 and 219 that are coming in next week!

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