No money haul!!


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-Prep and Prime lip
-Pretty Miss nail polish
-Gentle Shimmer which was a B2M THAT I HATE!! because it looks like nothing on my lips, and i wanted to B2M for a different slimshine but the MA wasnt paying attention. oh well.
-Stubborn Brown PowerPoint
-Soft and Slow from Neo Sci Fi which i LOVEEEEE
-Big Kiss Plushglass
-Not Pictured: got some stuff for my mom, and also a 4pan pro pallete

Im happy with everything, except the slimshine. i wish MAC had 15% more often


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Great stuff! I agree, Big Kiss does look really pretty I'm going to have to get some of this! Enjoy the wonderful goodies!


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Awesome haul! And I'm sorry about the MA not paying attention to you! But at least you got some fabulous other goodies! enjoy!!