Nordie's Graphic Garden... Are these eyeshadows similar to other MAC shadows?


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I'm getting all of the above! Nordie's pre-orders!^^^^ Both Brushes and eye shadow palettes... but looking at the eyeshadows in the palette I noticed that they looked very similar to the e/s I was going to buy during the SUMO sale, but I decided not to get them b/c of the Nordie's palettes. I took pictures, but I wish I had swatched these, but I didn't...
.... but could anyone tell me how these colors in the pallete compare to colors like Beauty Marked, Fresh Water, Coppering, Black Tie, Swimming, etc....

Brush Bags: (LE) $49.50USD

Define & Blend Brush Set

129SE Powder/Blush Brush
190SE Foundation Brush
209SE Eye Liner Brush
219SE Pencil Brush
252SE Large Shader Brush

Shape & Perfect Brush Set

168SE Large Angled Contour Brush
187SE Duo Fibre Brush
194SE Concealer Brush
212SE Flat Definer Brush
275SE Medium Angled Shading Brush

Eye Shadow 6 Palettes: (LE) $35.00USD

Fresh Cut Palette

Floral Inc. - (Frost)
Sun-Shy - (Lustre)
Fresh Cut - (Veluxe Pearl)
Poppy Noir - (Velvet)
Bloomcycle - (Veluxe Pearl)
Part Peony - (Lustre)
#213SE brush

Graphic Garden Palette

Social Climber - (Veluxe Pearl)
Botancial Blue - (Frost)
Straight Hedge - (Veluxe Pearl)
Wild Wisteria - (Lustre)
Linear Lilac - (Veluxe Pearl)
Graphic Garden - (Velvet)


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Thanks for the pics!
I will skip this collection all together the lipsticks in the lipbags look too like and the e/s are dupeable

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