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Whoo, I'm finally off to Canada at the end of next week, and there's a Sephora in one of the malls in my hometown so yay! I wasn't as into makeup and beauty as I am now when I lived there, so going back is going to be a whole new experience.

So, I'm just wondering if there are any brands/items that I should check out while I'm there? I know there's a lot that's not easily available in the UK (Cover Girl, for one), but I can't think of anything haha. So what US/Canadian brands should I have a play with?

Or anything new and awesome that's out there that we Brits might not have yet?


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Ooh definitely check out Annabelle in the drugstores (Shoppers and PharmaPrix to be exact...check out their site for more specific locations)! Their eyeshadows are pretty awesome for the price, and many people rave over their black as being better than MAC Carbon (dunno about this but it's worth a shot!).

They have these pretty magnetic quads that fit MAC shadows as well! You can buy Annabelle shadows in pans and make whatever quad you want. Loves it!

Their pigment dusts (and now they have a new...I think "Studio" pigments line?) are great too! Comparable to MAC I'd say. And their eyeliners and lipliners are super creamy.

While you're at the drugstore, stalk the aisles for new stuff - I find that drugstore products vary drastically in different countries. As far as bigger brands go, you could find a lot of them in Sephora or they're already available in the UK.



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Another thing is to compare prices on products you already use. They might be quite a bit cheaper.

For example BE is readily available where I am, but every chance I get I have friends get me my foundation from the US because it costs about half of what I would pay here.


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That's definitely a good point =]

A lot of stuff is available in the UK, but many brands are easily accessible in London, but not up north where I live, it seems (like the closest place I can look for Nars is in Manchester, and even then it's just a tiny display, sigh)

Thanks for the recs =]


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In drugstores you can find Gosh also
It's good, but not thaaaaaat pigmented

You probably have an Inglot store in UK, but if not, you should try to find one because it's good makeup.

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