Oakland NJ Warehouse sale


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Well, I hit up the Oakland NJ E.L. warehouse sale today.. Did pretty well! The grab bag had a few MAC items in it this time.. The company store didn't have very much this time! Top Hat, Go, LotusLand and 1 or 2 others.. a few eyebrow pencils, some brush sets, but nothing major. I heard that when the sale started on Friday, that there was much, much more. Oh well!

Slightly disappointed because the person who was going with me, had a problem and ended up not being able too. So i was stuck with an extra ticket. I wish I knew more Specktrites in Morris County! I would have loved to give it away!
The problem is, i didn't know about having the extra ticket until 6:00 am this morning!


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Originally Posted by mskatiebee
hey what is the exact location of this sale in jersey ? is it still goin on !?

The sale is a "ticket only" warehouse sale in Oakland on Thornton Road. The tickets are given out to employees/vendors.

It goes friday afternoon and then saturday from 7:30am until 2.


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Originally Posted by pdtb050606
so what did you get?

I didn't do too bad this time around:

1- Clinique Exclusive RepairWear- 2 jars in a box (15ml each) for 15$
2- travel set (moisturizer hands/feet and lavendar aromatherapy spray)
3-Origins Aromatherapy soaps (delish!)
4- Aramis Golf umbrella ($10)
5- The infamous "Grab Bag". this huge plastic bag is 50$. They try to make a layout of whats in it, but sometimes, its doesn't always work out that way. i guess they run out of stuff..but what was in mine today:

-DKNY Be Delicious: 4 Bottles of different scents (including Be Delicious Night)
-Sean Jean: 1 bottle Mens cologne
- MAC e/s in DreamMaker x 2
-MAC Slimshine lipstick (my mom stole it, i don't even know what color it was!)
-Estee Lauder Perfumes of various scents (Beautiful, Beautiful Love, etc)
-1 Patent Leather tote bag
-LAB for Men skin care items (shave gel, cleanser, etc)
-2 boxes of E.L.SUN Performance towelettes (i haven't looked at these yet, so I'm not sure what they are, if they are tanning or just sunblock)


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Tickets are handed out to employees and vendors of Estee Lauder. They are not for sale . Each ticket is a different color for the day, Firday could be yellow, saturday Pink, Sunday Blue.. the tickets are also numbered, so they know who was given which tickets..

I just got three for June 11Th! I might have an extra !

The warehouse is in Oakland.


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Does anyone know the dates for the next Shiseido or Estee Lauder warehouse sale in New Jersey? I've heard about these legendary shopping events but could never quite figure out when they take place or how to get tickets (even though I live only 5 minutes away). Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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There is a sale this weekend.

Its NOT open to the public at all.

The only way to get in is by specially issued numbered tickets. These tickets cannot be copied either. the name of the employee or vendor and your name has to go on it.

As i understand, EL has chosen NOT to renew the lease at the Oakland location for 2013, so the sales here are done,,

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