origins, need some recommendations!!

Hi all, Have never tried origins and would like to start. just wanting a few general things like a good moisturiser and scrub etc..
What can people reccomend from this range?


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I use Origins. I presently use Modern Friction (scrub), Perfect World White Tea Skin Guardian for the face, eyes and lips. I just finished a container of Perfect World moisturizer for the face. I love that line. I also have a mascara too. I have used the mint face wash but am presently using Spectro jel.

I also love their body moisturizers, mascara and body scrubs.

I have not used anything from Origins that I didn't like. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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I loved the pomegranate body scrub - the one like a body wash, not the one that comes in a jar (that one was horrendous).

You've just reminded me that I've seriously neglected my Underwear for lids - it's just the original one, bit over-shimmery, but I understand they come in more base colours now, which I think is cool.

Bit expensive in australia, if not for that, I'd probably have bought the spring whatsit souffle which smells heavenly!


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I love their Clear Improvement charcoal mask for my oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin. It's expensive, but I find it truly makes a difference. I've tried the QHMJM and it just cannot compare (and broke me out?!). Their Urgent Moisture moisturizer is also excellent. I have some extremely dry patches on my face as well (yes, my skin is a real joy :p), and it's very moisturizing but not the least bit greasy.


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I love the Perfect World White Tea Skin Guardian(moisturiser) and the You're Getting Warmer Facial Mask. Clear Improvement is nice, too.


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love the white tea skin guardian and moisturizer. i also use modern friction and the white tea eye treatment.
I will definatly try some of those out. they all sound good. I have heard all good things about their products. So i will let u all know what i think when i use some!!
Thanks for your advice pople!
I'm currently using their checks and balance cleanser, never a dull moment scrub, modern friction, and the white tea skin guardian. I like all of them!
I have seen some gife packs in myer few days ago, some of them are really good values.


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I'm a huge fan of their peace of mind collection. It's incredibly calming and really helps to relieve stress. I even bought the sniffer thingy (but I bought it at my CCO.. so it was much cheaper). My best friend bought me the box set for xmas last year and i love it.


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I love Origins skin care. I have combination skin and use:
Deep Down cleanser
A Perfect World Skin Guardian

A Perfect World moisturiser

Never a Dull Moment exfoliator (which I prefer to Modern Friction)


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i looove looove loove their Origins Modern Friction Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion

I use it twice a week and my boyfriend can't keep his hands off my face whenever I use it.... so then I have to wash it again arrr


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I have the clear improvement face mask and love it, it stings a bit at first but thats what makes me think its doing some good!

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