pam anderson @ MAC chinese new year party


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Her tatoos faded.


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her necklace definatly looks like a vagina

and shes def not aging well - she looks like shit - specially in the last pic - whats up with her boobs?


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okay, she's dying from hepatitis C which is EXTREMELY extremely contageous, but she's still sleeping with a new person in hollywood all of the time? and then, in turn, they go and sleep with young hollywood women. it's like watching someone KNOWINGLY spread a disease, and yet people are SO blindsided by the fact that she's so "beautiful" (HA! more like washed out, ugly without makeup, and FAKE) that they don't even care that they are GIVING THEMSELVES HEP C. NICE.

Julia Vanhorn

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Originally Posted by pinotnoir
is it me or do I see veins on her boobs?

That is what I meant by transparent lol. It is so not attractive.


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i love pam she is fake but she says it hahaha she is cool i like her she doesn't pretend to be anything but who she is a big titted, teased blonde haired, beer loving, trailer trash chick

Christina Victoria

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If you go on her website, and actually see the kind of person she is, you'd see she isn't as trashy as you think. Sure, she loves to party and have fun but she also spends a -lot- of time with her kids. She does have huge boobs, but that's the main part that got her so famous from Playboy/Maxim etc.

I really think she looks pretty, people are just very critical on her.