parking ticket


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i got a parking ticket today so i have a question..

my dad just bought me a car. everything is still in his name.. do i send the payment out (10$) or does he have to?

will he find out? i rather him not.

i was getting my nails done. i usually park in the back. but it was pouring rain outside so i parked on the street where everyone else was. i seen a 2 hour parking sign and knew i wouldnt be there that long so parked there. i get out and i see a ticket in my door. it said i was parked in a nonstanding zone. it said 2 hour parking though. only i got a ticket no one else did.


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I am pretty sure you can pay it and chances are he won't find out. The only thing is I don't know if they will send something to him by mail. That's something I would look out for.


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most likely you won't get anything in the mail about you having a parking ticket unless you don't pay it....just pay it off and you'll be fine.