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Has Anyone Tried Any Of His Products? Im Pretty Sure Im Going To Buy His Micro Finish treatment (Thats Unless Lots Of Bad Reviews Come Forward About It) As Ive Heard So Many People Talking About It & When They Tried It Out On The Models On QVC It Did Actually Make Her Hair Shine! The Three Little Bottles Of Hair Oil Fragrance Also Looked Really Good & Im Considering Them Too. I Hadnt Heard Of Him Before I watched Him On QVC (I saw It Was About Beauty & Had To Switch It On Lol) If You Can Find The Video, Its Definetly Worth Watching But I Couldnt Find It Anywhere
Im not Sure If Many People Have Heard of Him, But He's A Stylist To The Stars (Lots Of Famous Ones At that) So If Anyones Used The Products Especially The Micro Finish Please Let Me Knoww
Thankss x

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