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I've been so frustrated lately about college...I'm a senior in high school and will be attending college next fall, but I'm so worried about how the fuck I'm going to pay for college. My family's not poor, but we're not rich, either. My parents make a decent income, but lately my dad's business hasn't been going too smoothly, with the economy being down for the pat years. And also, he's been making a bunch of trips to China (sometimes it's for family reasons, but other times rather unnecessary), and it costs so much money. I get decent grades, but I don't really think I'll get a scholarship or anything. Even with financial aid, it's going to be so hard to pay for college - my parents are obviously chipping in, but I'm also going to have to work a lot to make money. I applied to 6 schools, out of which only probably 2 I could afford - The College of New Jersey and Rutgers University (alreay accepted). Even if I can get into other schools, I feel like I'm limited to going to Rutgers (I live in the town right next to it) because I won't be able to afford to go anywhere else. Gah, being in the middle class sucks


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u can get a scholarship for just about anything - and even if u dont do that, you can take out a loan. Student loans only have something like 2% interest which is practically nothing compared to a loan from your bank or something. huni where theres a will theres a way - you'll be ok


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Student loans is the way to go. Well pretty much the only way to go for over 80% of college students. Check out Direct Loans and the Sally Mae foundation. For both loans, your parents will have to co-sign the loan. Direct Loans will loan the majority of the tuition to your parents, and therefore the loans go on your parents' credit. Sally Mae loans directly to students but parents have to co-sign. Also another way to save a lot of money: take classes at a local community college. I wish I had. Just get some general ed classes out of the way. SO MUCH CHEAPER. For example, at the school I'm at now, I'm paying $1250 for a three credit hour class. At the local community colleges (where I took some classes over the summer) I paid $205 for a three credit hour class. You should look into it.


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I am paying for school completely on my own. Much of my $ comes from scholarships, but after my first year (when I had to pay $300 a month-all of my income at the time) I started taking out extra loans. These loans, I'm sure will come back to haunt me in September when I have to start paying them, but for the past 2 years I've been taking out slightly more than the cost of tuition-art supplies are sooooooooo expensive-and it's been working out alright.

Most of my loans came from Wachovia-for some unknown reason I hate Sallie Mae & Wachovia has been good for me.

Also, I never thought I'd say this, but if you can stand it, I'd recommend living on campus. When I dormed I got more financial aid, and having an apartment had all these extra costs and struggles that are just unnecessary when you're supposed to be focusing on school.


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Yeah I pay for my own college because my parents make the income but have financial difficulties with my mothers debt and my dads business ventures... they're a relatively young couple... so they werent too prepared for me going to college financially. They send me some money... but its sporadic and nothing to count on... something to shop on ocassionaly. Student loans have been a savior... I feel I would rather borrow money now while it's offered to me than stress myself out and miss out a great time in my life for working too much..... or mess up my grades and mess up some potential in my future. Work-study is a great program toooo... become friends with your councelor! They will find you the best work study jobs on campus....


I would apply for financial aide definitely .. you'll probaly qualify for more than you think. You can get need-based financial aide, and there's plenty of websites out there with scholarship listings.

You could also go to a community college to get your basics out of the way .. it'll be a lot cheaper. That's what I'm doing right now and I was able to get a major grant.


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yep def go for a loan also a duno about the us but can u get grants if your parents income is under *bla* well u can here. For me to go to college its costing nearly $18,000


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i was so in your same situation but really my advice would be not to think too much about cuz you're just gonna drive yourself nuts i am in a similar situation to yours... i got loans to cover the rest that i couldnt... and now a days who dosent take out loans... it just important that you get threw school so you can have a good future!


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I'd say go with community college as someone mentioned before, and once you get your grades up, apply to another school, and for scholarships....
have you tried that website is the truth!

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