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Am I the only one who thinks it's shitty that buyers have to foot seller Paypal fees? I wouldn't do it to someone especially if the fees were less than a dollar. It is against policy to make sellers pay the fee anyway.

I think sellers should eat the fees, you'd have to on ebay or amazon so why not on here? Unless its for a cp or something super small where you aren't really making money to begin with, it doesn't make sense to me and I think it's really rude.

Sorry if I got anyones back up but thats just the way I feel.


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I know its against policy to make sellers pay fees as extras on ebay, but if its private (like on here), does that still count?

I myself usually just absorb the fees, along with my free "extras", packaging and even some of the shipping, otherwise people won't buy from me if they knew the real price (Canada Post is way more expensive than the U.S). I take a hit, but its better to make something rather than nothing.

The thing is, if someone REALLY wants the item, they'll buy it - regardless of an extra $1-3. And if they won't, someone else will.


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when being a buyer i have never paid the paypal fees. and i feel it would be cheeky if i did pay them to be honest. apart from doing a cp of course - then all costs what-so-ever are covered!


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I personally as a seller on here HATE paypal's fees. They use to not charge you to send money but now they charge a 2.3%+0.30 fee to send money. I usually "asborb" too the fees or suck it up. But here's the thing too, paypal will charge you ANOTHER 2.3%+0.30 fee if the person sending you money is paying with a credit or debit card. Now that's when it starts hitting ya. If you combine those 2 fees together it's like around 5% that they are taking out. So I really don't mind the regular paypal fees as much but it's just having to add another fee on top of that to be able to accept credit and debit cards that really irks me.


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I think people should account for it in their pricing... and give discounts to those that use non-CC's. It's the way a real business would do it, they have to pay for those fees too.

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