Perfect storage tray for MSFs


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I've been able to find storage solutions for most things, but MSFs and beauty powders have been an issue. Most of the storage bins (the kind used for utensils and the like) are just a bit too narrow. They're usually 3 inches wide, which is fine for blushes, but not MSFs.

I found two options.

One, are these plastic bins from a brand called Gracious Living. I've only seen them at the Solutions store in Toronto, and the GL site doesn't seem to feature them. It's too bad because they are very cheap (a dollar and change) and are a perfect fit.


However, I recently found another option at Solutions, from a brand called Made Smart. They are almost exactly the same size, maybe just a wee bit bigger, for a bit more wiggle room. They are also a bit lower, which makes it easier to remove the items from the bin. (The label says they are 3" wide, but the site clarifies that it's more like 3.75".)



They are also lined with rubber so gentler on the product, and they have little rubber pads on the bottom, which keeps the bin from sliding - perfect for drawer storage.



I actually like these better than the first option, but at 4.99$ they are pricier. They also come in 3 lengths (6", 9" and 12"), which is great if you want to configure your storage a certain way.

I've only seen them at the Solutions store, but their website says you can find the brand at Target and other easily accessed places. I don't know if you ladies State-side want to take a look, but it might be worth it.

They come in the white version like I have, and a 'granite'. You can find them in both the kitchen and office categories. Be careful though - the interlocking trays are the ones without the padding, and they are less wide, truly 3".

This is the website link:

EDIT: They are readily available here -


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My pleasure!

And yay! Just found them on the Storables website, so you can order in the US. They do ship to Canada via UPS.

This is the 9" version: drawer organizer


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I've found those that are big enough for MAC blushes to sit perfectly. I really like the rubber lining. I hope I can find something similar here.

Thanks for sharing


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Loving that you found these in Toronto! Thanks!

What is the Solutions location you found them at?


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Oh, perfect!!! I'm always on the lookout for storage options and these are just the thing! Thanks for sharing.


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I think they sell those at target here in the states! which mean's i might need to go get myself one
thank's for sharing!


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It's hilarious that I just came across this, because I found essentially this same product at Wal-Mart in the kitchen section and use it for MSF's and face powders. Works wonderfully.


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Sorry for the late response!

I linked the source in my post, but this is it specifically:

The other rectangular ones will be the same width, just longer.

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