Permanent Brows?


Hey everyone!

Need a little help. I have a client for whom I do makeup regularly and when I FIRST did her makeup I was a little thrown off by the fact that she has permanently tattoo'd brows...

NOW.... her real brows are SUPER sparse, my guess is they were over plucked in a past life....

BUT here's the dilemma..... the tattoo is that NASTY green color!
i have a HELL of a time being satisfied with the outcome of her brows although she loves them.

I was wondering if I should try to heavily conceal her brow.... I'm tired of fighting the green hue that lurks beneath the cork shadow.....

any suggestions? anecdotes?

Thanks ladies!


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I'm sorry that I can't help you with this, but I HAD to comment. WOW is the first real word that comes to mind... As far as what I would do is just what you said. I would heavily conceal them and start all over drawing them in trying to be as natural as possible....



thanks Keisha. i think i will. but believe me, you have no idea. they are not easy to deal with.

and she's Bolivian, REALLY fair skinned sooooo they pop.

she's gorgeous tho! just worried about those brows. hah


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hmm ive never heared off them turning green! god help her! one of the gurus on youtube has her eyebrows permamantely tattoed and she pretty much talk about everything u need to know about them and their after care and what not - maybe itll be off some help for you becuase i myself dont know too much about it. YouTube - Answers: Tattooed / Permanent Make Up

hope that helps!


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It's possible that the ink has oxidized over time and that is why they are green. She needs to have them touched up. I would try to conceal the tattoo and start from scratch. She probably hasn't noticed that the brows have turned green because it is such a gradual process.


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Maybe try a brown shadow with a red undertone on top of concealer to help cancel out the green? Apply a thin layer of concealer and apply the shadow going with the tatooed shape she already has. I wouldn't try to totally just erase her brows with concealer and then alter the shape, I think it would look just as unnatural as greenish brows would.


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i know someone who has them and loves them.. the thing is (and trust me i am 100% on your side on this one!), i am assuming she loves them the way they are and will not be happy if you conceal them/draw them on.. that's why she got them done, to not worry about them.
she needs them touched up.
that said, i would never do that to my brows!

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