Personal consultations with Joey Killmeyer, Stila PRO artist


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I met Joey, a makeup artist on the Stila Cosmetics PRO team, at NYFW earlier this month. You might remember him from the Backstage at Vena Cava video, the MUA applying the models makeup is Joey! A super cool and very talented makeup artist, Joey recently spent quite a bit of time on movie sets before heading up to New York City for Fashion Week.

Here’s the deal - Joey will be doing one on one consults at the following locations where he is going to explain all the new trends for fall and holiday, as well as teach you personally how to achieve the look at home. Here’s how and where to find him to book your consultation:

September 20th
Twelve Oaks Sephora
Novi, Michigan

September 26th
Mariposa Boutique
Rochester Hills, Michigan

October 11th and 12th
Kenwood Sephora
Cincinnati, Ohio

October 25th
Twelve Oaks Sephora
Novi, Michigan

I highly recommend calling now to reserve your consultation slot and just for Specktra readers, if you mention being a member of Specktra during your appointment you will receive either a free Stila lip pencil or a Stila mini lip glaze! Woo hoo! Thanks Joey and Stila! Call to book your fall/holiday look consultation now, plus mention Specktra and take home a free goodie. Joey is an absolute sweetheart, you’ll love him.


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He's a makeup artist? He looks like he's about to kick someone's ass!

So he won't be in Cali? DARN...
But that's still awesome!