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Philosophy: 3 in 1- Amazing Grace (shower gel)


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Overall Rating: 4
Price [Value]: 4
Packaging Quality: 4
Would you buy this product again? Yes

General Comments on this product:

A gentle, floral scent, a hint of jasmine and that clean laundry smell. I have been through so many bottles of this and never get tired of it, despite it being not cheap in Australia. The scent stays in your hair and it's gentle on both skin and hair. But it's not just a fan with the females - I know some males that love its smell on themselves and on ladies too. Even the most olfactory immune of males will comment that you smell good and clean after using this!


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Overall Rating: 3
Price [Value]: 4
Packaging Quality: 4
Would you buy this product again? no

it left my skin dry AND i do not like the smell of it! it is not moisturizing at all. i only used it as a wash, i cant imagine using this on my hair, it would probably strip it dead! i would not purchase this product again.


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Overall Rating: 5
Price [Value]: 3
Packaging Quality: 4
Would you buy this product again? Yes!

I love this stuff!! It doesn't dry out my skin and it does a great job on my hair. I used it along with the AG conditioner. My hair can get really dry but I have always had good results with this combo. It doesn't lather really well as a shampoo but I'm ok with that. I really am not wild about the bottle this comes in....it's really hard to squeeze, especially with wet hands!


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Overall Rating:4
Packaging Quality:4
Would you buy this product again: YES

I love the smell of amazing grace...but my only gripe about this is the price. I wish it werent as pricey as it is