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Alright ladies... I did my BEST work yet tonight... In order to challenge me, I got my daughter to pick out some colors and I mixed them together and put them on her. It turned out the BOMB!!!! I used califlower blue (on the lid), fuschia (in the crease), lime green (on the outer lid), tan (brow bone), and pale yellow (highlight color). I blended the hell out of her eye. It's my best work yet!!!! I tried to get good pics using the flower setting like my friend suggested... It didn't come out good. These are the pics I was able to get. It is only 25% of how great it turned out...



What am I doing wrong?

I'm not sure if this is the section to put this in, but I HAD to ask you ladies. You ladies take such GREAT pics! I want to post more, but I need HELP!


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That is a pretty look, I am sure that it was gorgeous in real life. Your colors are getting distorted by the yellow lighting, you took these pictures indoors. Natural light show colors better and is more true to life, try taking pictures outside!


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i have a hard time too. try playing around with ur cameras settings and see if u can find something that works indoors. i know its hard to get natural light outside everytime u want to take good makeup pics.


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I agree with the outdoor lighting...the best pictures are taken outside they tend to show the true colors....I have done the flower setting and all that but outdoors gets me the best pictures that I can achieve

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