Pictureless FOTD: 5/8


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Hey guys, happy Monday!!! Exciting to be back at work huh...... uuuuugh. Anyways so I got a shot of cortazone (sp) last week so i'm allergy free WHOOT which means....... makeup's back so give me ideas... I am so out of the loop that I need help...

This is me today... tell me if it seems half way decent, it dont look TOO bad lol...

Neutrogena TM (can someone recommend a good TM pleeeeease)
milani bronzer in light #1 to countour (makes me look a bit tan, i like)
naken you MSF on apples
baselight paint as base
fairylite pigment as wash
prose and fancy on crease
dark soul on outter v and well blended
prose and fancy over dark soul and blended
tan pigment on lid and well blended into the crease
fairylite as highlight
loreal double extend mascara in brown
algelcake TLC
romanced l/s

WOW, this sounds like A LOT more than what it looks like!!!
Awww Monday,.. ya know I would say that we should just get rid of it,.. but I bet Tuesday would just be a downer then,.. I would rather be at home showing my MU some love.

Me today:

NW 20 Concealer
Guerlain Meteorites

Shell Pearl BP
NARS Orgasm Blush


MK eye Primer
Lucky Jade SS
Golden Olive pig on lid
Lustreleaf in crease
Lilly White pig borwnbone
Blue Absinthe in outer V
Greenplay l/l on top lid
Ultra Chill SSP bottom lid
MK Endless performance mascara in black


Whos' that Lady Lipgelee