Pigments Galore!!!


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I am SOOOO excited!! My pigment samples arrived today and I cannot wait to start playing with them!!!

In order of left to right, the top row is:
Subtle, Naked, Goldenaire, Silver, Frozen White, Azreal Blue, Blue, Deep Blue Green

And the bottom row, still left to right, is:
Kelly Green, Forest Green, Helium, Pink Bronze, All Girl, Bright Fuchsia, Neon 60's, Entremauve, Quick Frost


Haha, expect a whole bunch of experimental FOTD's. I'm off to go play now
I'm literally jumping in my seat, but had to share my excitement with you ladies first... you all appreciate this more than most of my friends haha!


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Nope, not ebay. As M.A.C_Addiction said, 1165Cheryl is AWESOME!!! I have her to thank for this mini goldmine, and I'm already planning my next order

My first FOTD with my new pigments are coming up momentarily!

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