Pink and gree e/s combos


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Originally Posted by Oonie
What are some pink and green e/s combos? And what would be a good highlight color? TIA

Ohhh... One of my favorite combos. Depending on how dramatic you want it to be... this is my night pink/green combo... Canton Candy as a base, Sushi Flower on the lid, Velvet Moss in the crease, Femme Noir on the outer V for depth, w/ a lil Swimming over Femme Noir, Dazzlelight to HL.


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Base Light as a base, Motif on the lid, Sumptuous Olive in the outer corner, Humid in the crease.


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shimmermint as a base, juxt out outer 2 thirds of lid and sushi flower on inner third. lustreleaf and shroom to highlight. sweetsage on lower lash line


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mine are probably a lot brighter and more obnoxious...but i love bright fuschia and kelly green together and then pink opal as a highlight...i love pink and green together as well as pink and blue.... now i need to go find some pics of my eyes using those colors.