Please help! Did I buy Fake or Real MAC cosmetics?


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If you want our help, you need to be clear about what you want help with. You can't just ask for help and not tell us why you need help.

What did you buy? Where did you buy it/them from? Do you have photos of the item(s)? What makes you skeptical about them not being authentic MAC items?
You haven't given us a lot to go on but if you don't know how to post pics you could take a look at the other threads about verifying what's real or fake. You can see what the printing on labels should look like, the way batch codes are stamped or printed and such. Some fakes are in containers that are wrong so you'd want to see if the compact or tube, etc. looks real. Fakes are pretty much never the right color either so you'd look at color swatches. I got a fake Ungaro blush one time but the color was beautiful and the formula was so satiny I still liked it. I really thought it was real at first because the color and formula were so nice but the label was all wrong and it had a compartment where the pan lifted up and there was a mirror and brush underneath.

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