Post Haste


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Ok now there's a strange kinda color - but it goes well with alot of shades as you blend it turns into a pinkish red depending on how much u blend, any one else use this shadow? and what colors do you blend with? I also have Clearwater such a beautiful blue what colors could be suggested to use with? just wondering what everyone else's opinions are since we are all creative!


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When I am going for something really bold, I use Poste Haste with Chrome Yellow.

When I want to tone it down I use it under Goldmine. It sounds like a weird color combo, but its actually really pretty.


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I did a FOTD a while back using this color. When I use it, I'll put Poste Haste all over the lid, then I usually put Nylon on the inner corners and to blend it. Nylon looks great with pinks. I'll put a dark gray like Typographic or black like Carbon in the outer v and make sure to blend it really well.


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I use Post Haste to intensify my pinks/purples (like Swish or Plum Dressing or Hepcat). Looks great with a bright white (like Crystal Avalanche) in the inner corner.

Also looks great blended with Chrome Yellow and Orange!

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