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This is how the Specktra Feedback List Works:

In a reply to this post, please tag your swap/sale partner and leave feedback stating if it has been a good/bad transaction, etc. (Tagging them also serves as a gentle reminder for them to leave you feedback as well).

Each successful swap will add 1 point to your feedback score.

Each unsuccessful swap, you will get -1 taken off your feedback score and a brief explanation will be noted next to your name on the list.

Once feedback has been left, I will update this list and add your username and your feedback score.

This is ONLY for transactions made within the Specktra Clearance Bin, one rating per transaction, not for previous swaps.
Remember to do your own homework before trading with someone. This list only serves as a tool. Specktra is not liable for any transactions between members.
Any questions? Please PM me!
Thanks! :cool:

@boschicka +2
@Brelki +1
@Cherrymint +2
@cocofiere +1
@jillybean +1
@LouGarner +1
@miladyjean +1
@Rinstar +1
@sagehen +1
@Vixxan +1
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Feedback for @Cherrymint +1

Lightning fast shipping, items exactly as described, everything was well packaged, and awesome communication. Would definitely buy from again!!


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Feedback for [MENTION=65316]cocofiere[/MENTION] as a seller: +1
Great communication, excellent and sturdy packaging of items, and a very reasonable seller. Thanks for a wonderful experience, and I look forward to buying from you again! :)


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Feedback for [MENTION=10987]Cherrymint[/MENTION] as a seller: +1
excellent communication and very prompt shipment, secure shipment. Items arrived as promised in great condition.


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[MENTION=43305]Rinstar[/MENTION] My item was well packaged and shipped quickly. Thanks for the extras!! Wonderful seller![h=1][/h]


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Feedback for [MENTION=46705]Vixxan[/MENTION] as a buyer +1. Very fast payment and lovely communication! Thank you!


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Feedback for [MENTION=10987]Cherrymint[/MENTION] as a seller +1
Great communication, excellent prices, fast shipping, very helpful! <3

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