preggers again


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just as soon as i had my last baby, i got pregnant again, yay :) really hoping for a boy this time. I'm 12 weeks pregnant right now, due in the beginning of june


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Uh huh! You forgot when the doc said that flow of estrogen would have you up again in no time if you not careful, eh! lol

Congrats, Lauren!!! Boys are a handful, but they're so much fun!


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Ah how exciting! Congratz, my sister just had a boy a few months ago and he's such a lover bug, so sweet yet so so fun at the same time. The other day he put the telephone in the toilette, dissembled a faux plant, and unrolled and entire paper towel roll around him; all in the span of 2 hours. They’re fast little boogers lol. But we love him so very much. I'll hope with you for a boy! And its nice that they'll be close together in age.


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You know... with how beautiful you looked and well you did during your delivery I can imagine why you are excited for another! Hope you get your little boy and congrats :)

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