PRO Hi Def Cyan Pigment ?


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I was thinking this came out not too long ago, and I am making a PRO wishlist... I noticed it was not on the website... anyone know how long ago it was discontinued, and if there is any chance of finding it still in-store?


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Originally Posted by purrtykitty
I don't know if it was discontinued or maybe it's one that's being moved to the regular line.

My fingers are crossed! As soon as my boys are quiet enough, I will call the PRO store and see...


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I just picked this up from my Las Vegas pro store last week and it was the first shipment they got in since that pigment came out! I think because its soo pretty and its new, that MAC's having a hard time keeping it on the shelves! As for it being on the website, I have noticed that too! I don't know what there deal is with this pigment lol! The nice thing is is the packaging for Cyan is still the old packaging so its worth the search! Plus its beautiful!!!!!!!!GL!


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I saw this pigment in the original jar at the CCO for $13.75 I think. I know I definitely saw it because I brought it and returned it.

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