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Purple w/a punch of green


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I used:
Face:Maybelline Matte Mouse in Natural Beige
NYColors:powder for set
MAC E/S 4 the Brows:Corduroy
Brushed:Essence of Beauty Foundation Brush
MAC Brushes:116,217,219,239,242,252,266,275
Eyes:MAC E/S:paint Pot:Bare Study,Parfait Amour,Satellite
Dreams,Swimming,Wonderstruck,Piggie:Vanilla,CCB:Hu sh

Start w/clean Face. Missing pix r:Me applying my foundation

Then u use ur Powder 2 set the foundation

Cuz my pix & txt rnt matching up w/each other i thought mayb I do it like so.I do apologize in advance 4 this:
Then ur gonna apply CCB:Hush to ur lids
Followed by applying Paint Pots:Bare Study to ur entire lid
Ur gonna take ur 239 bursg & tap it into ur Parfait Amour & apply it to ur lids like so
Then ur gonna take ur 275 brush & dip it into Satelite Dreams
On top of ur Parfait Amour your gonna take the Piggie:Violet
Take ur 252 brush & dip into Vanilla Piggie to ur brow as a highlight
Take ur 239 pencil brush & dip it into Wonderstruck e/s(if u dont have this color u can leave this part out) & line it to ur waterlines like so
Take the same brush & now dip it into Swimming e/s & apply it on top of the Wonderstruck
Prep + Prime ur lashes
now as that dries Apply ur brow color to ur brows 2 fill them in.Im using Corduroy
Now that the P+P is dry apply ur Mascarra:Im using Clinqiue's Black[/color][/size][/font][/size][/size][/size]


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really pretty! i love the colour combination

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