Quay sunglasses are these any good ?


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I know they are pretty affordable its an australian brand , I kinda like them because they are super cheap and I dont feel like buying 300 dollar sunglasses right now plus they are on sale right now along with swimwear / end of summer sales coming up .Should I buy them ???? If they are really bad quality I dont want them.I hate the really cheap plastic sunglasses.


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They're definitely cheaper compared to high end designer brands, and I think they have some cool styles. I also think they're not worth the $50-$80 (regular prices) they charge. I say that as someone who owns a pair of Quays.

I have a My Girl in a discontinued configuration (black mirror lenses, white/black marble frames -- for a while they were an ASOS exclusive); I payed $27 + shipping for them versus the $50 which was the regular price at the time. In the end, I'm glad I waited for them to go on sale.

You can find similar styles for less on Amazon and Nordstrom (BP., one of their in-house brands, is the one you want to look at; prices start at $12).

TL;DR: Either wait for a style you like to go on sale or look for a less expensive dupe.


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Yeah thanks , I was going to buy mine from revolve clothing they are 39 dollars on sale and a black and pink color the lenses are pink.I get rewards points after 30 days after each purchase because I shop there a lot I buy clothes there normally.So I would get 20 dollars off the sunglasses if I buy them there which isnt too bad a deal ..... and the shippings always free no matter how much or little you spend there.


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I looked at Quays as they were a cheaper alternative to what I was looking for but ended up buying RayBans and I don't regret it. They feel more expensive than my cheaper models and I highly recommend paying more for better glasses.

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