Question for all you NC15 AND MUFE HD 117 ladies and gents!


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Hey everyone. So, in my entire life, I've found two brands of foundations that work for me. MAC (NC15 wasn't a perfect match but it was pretty close) and MUFE 117 (which is pretty much my exact skin color )

As a woman with such a light skin tone, I find it very hard to find company's that make foundations light enough for me. Dior and Chanel don't, for example.

So my question is, for all of you MAC NC15 / MUFE HD117 ladies,

What color are you in other brands of foundations?
What company's have you found that make foundations light enough for your skin


edit: I've also used BE in light which was a close color except it made my skin itch


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I also use Fairly Light in BE, but I have to say that's the only kind of foundation besides MAC that I have right now. I'm planning on getting MUFE HD soon though, which you have as well :p


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Thanks you two! I've actually used BE in the past the color was pretty close, but the bismuth made my skin itch.

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E0 in CoverFX mineral makeup and E10 in CoverFX powder foundation, the lightest Maybelline pure makeup shade (light 1 I think?) Clinique clarifying powder makeup in the lightest shade, MUFE mat velvet+ in 15, NYC mineral makeup in the lightest shade, MUFE duo mat in 200.

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