quick question on MACs freelance makeup artists


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hi lovelies!
in north carolina, some girl told me she does not get her employee discount working with MAC as a freelance makeup artist.
well in los angeles, is it the same? a girl a mac yesterday really wants me to apply but i know ill be a freelance for awhile before i stay at a store permanently and i forgot to ask her about the employee discount. any of you lovely gals know?

thanks in advance <3


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I think that working freelance qualifies you for a pro card and you get your discount that way.


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The freelance discount (30%) varies from region to region - not every region offers the discount. In some regions you just need a current pay stub showing that you worked within the last 30 days (even that varies from region to region) and a current id to receive your discount.

And freelancers do not automatically qualify for a pro card - it depends on what other work they have done in the industry.

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