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Just now viewed : Youtube Jen Luvs Reviews - What's up in MakeUp news! The business of inclusivity, Fenty apologizes and More!
The comments are interesting to read. WoC of middle age and beyond are invisible group to beauty industry.


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I can't believe Mac discontinued so many good products. I wish I would have made my custom palettes years ago I'm crying inside


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Does it even exist WOC concealer for pallor under eyes due to health issues...........


Both Dermacolor and Dermablend both have extensive shade ranges in both concealers and foundations for WoC and for health related skin conditions.

You can also try Charlotte Tillbury, Bobbi Brown, RCMA, Kryolan as well to cover-up the same health related issues.


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Because of the above BIPOC article, and with ongoing major concerns with the actor's agents and unions, the actors are wanting a solution. So IATSE (Film Technician Union) with all the Locals in Canada held a 4 hour Make-up Department meeting / tutorial video conference via YouTube Live with Q/A this past Sunday to address this concern going forward for the 2023 season.

After the speaking about the back-lash and written complaints from BIPOC actors going back 10 years which was not kind. We had an advanced colour theory refresher (no Q/A) and then a tutorial with Q/A.

They had 3 models (2F, 1 Indigenous - First Nation, 1 Black, and 1M Black) as you can expect, all of them had varying skin tones within their skin colour range. (Unlike Caucasian skin tones, which are farily straight forward).

In a nutshell, the MuA doing the tutorial created all their foundations, correctors, concealers, contours, and beauty colours, such as blush, lip, eye colour, eyeliner, and highlight by just using...

- Red
- Yellow
- Blue
- White
- Black
- No colour powder to set

Yes, brands were talked about very briefly in the context of putting the actor at ease through conversation when they are in the chair, but no corrective brands were used.

It was amazing watching how quick she was at creating all the custom shades for each model and they looked amazing.

Unfortunately I can't post any pics or the video because this was an in-house Union thing.

The key take-away from this National Make-up Department meeting was, know your colour theory and implement it in a timely manner. NO excuses.
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