Recommend some must-haves (Urgent)


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I'm going to the MAC Pro store with a friend tomorrow, and I'm stuck on what I want to/should get. A while ago, I decided to throw out all of my makeup stuff, because I wanted to rebuild my collection (I just didn't like the majority of the stuff that I had). I've never really used MAC before, but I definitely want to give it a go. This is what I have left in my "makeup collection".

- Sephora Slim Eye Pencil (Navy Blue, Dark Brown)
- Sephora Jumbo Eye Pencil (Bright Blue-509)
- Concealer Pencil from The Body Shop (Shade 01)
- Cargo Bronzer (Medium)
- Smashbox Blush (Aperture)
- bareMinerals Foundation (Light)
- DuWop "Brown Eyes" palette
- Retractable Blush Brush from Sephora
- Flat Eyeliner Brush from Sephora
- Small Eyeshadow Brush from Sephora

That's basically it, my very humble collection! lol. I have pale Asian skin, but I also have tons of freckles (kinda like people with red hair, I guess). I also have monolid+creaseless eyes. Here's a picture of me, if it helps? I'm the one on the top right.
The freckles aren't so visible here, but they normally are. (I actually am not wearing any product on my lips, so that's my natural lip colour) I actually just cut my hair last week, so it's now shorter with side-swept bangs, but this was the best I could find.

I know I definitely will get the 15 pan palette and the shadestick in Beige-ing. I'm leaning towards getting some nice pinks for my eyeshadows like Pink Freeze, Post Haste, Embark and Sushi Flower, as well as colours like Juxt and Gorgeous Gold. I tend to like more neutral colours more, but wouldn't mind going for something a little more intense.

So, any suggestions for what would work well with my skin? I have about $100-150 to spend tomorrow, so how should I blow all this money? (Anything I can't get tomorrow, I'll come back later in the summer with more dough to buy, lol) XD Thanks so much for all your help!

*Also, could you recommend any other makeup stuff that are non-MAC (ie: Cargo, NARS etc.)


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I did a look I like a lot today. Its pink-neutral kinda. I think it would look nice.
I recommend Embark, Expensive Pink, Sable, Cranberry, Era, Twinks, Satin Taupe. I dont own gorgeous gold or Sushi flower but they look very nice! If you want to try greens I think they would look great!
I see you dont have mascara, personally I like Lancome Mascara, but Plush lash is good. I find a bit heavy, but if you have tiny lashes it shouldnt be a problem. If you are interested in paint pots they are great as a base, shadesticks are also great so if you can only afford one or the other its cool, but if not, both are fun^^.


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I second the vote for expensive pink. Get some brushes (if you don't have them). I like lash injection mascara from too faced.

If you like pigments, the pro store has beautiful colors!


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Yes, the Pro Store has alllll the Pigments! If you want a green, Emerald Green Pigment is GORGEOUS. Otherwise, I agree with all the e/s suggestions. You might think about getting a 4-pan palette, as well, so that you don't have to haul all your shadows in your 15-pan with you when you travel.


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i see u dont hav a black eyeliner (sorry if i missed it) so mac fluidline
mac brushes esp 187 if u r planning to use liquid foundation


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MAC fluidline, brush for it.
If you like pigments, and you said you like neturals- "Tan" "Melon" "Chocolate brown" "Vanilla" or "Naked"
MAC Tendertone!!!!

Have fun... I'm sure you'll find lots of stuff you like.


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Amber lights a great brown
I'm not a fan of expensive pink.. but whatever.
Star Violet is a pretty pink-purple sort of thing.
CARBON is a MUST just period. Black eyeshadow. You need it. it's great to add depth in the crease.
Talking about the crease.. 219 is the brush you want.
I suggest however, waiting till colorforms comes out in nordstrom and buy the advanced brush set 'cause you get the 187 and the 219 and the angled cheek brush.. and it's awesome and only 50 bucks for 5 brushes. So don't buy brushes just yet.
BLUES please buy atleast one blue. Electric Eel, Clarity, Anything from Cool Heat
you already have cargo bronzer and a blush.
Lips.. depends on what you like if you like lipstick and you're going to mac you have to buy a red.. Russian Red is my favorite. But do buy a pink, my sister bought angel and it looks stupid. So I dunno bout pinks I don't really like pink. I have bright pink so.. can't help you there.
Instead of fluidline I suggest MAC Hip Cream Liner. I like it so much better and it lasts longer like in the container.
GOOD LUCK! Have fun!


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Brushes: 116, 182, 217, 239, 208. These are the "must-have" MAC brushes. The first I'd reccomend would be the 116, 217, and 239.
Black fluidline. If you get this, you need an angle brush.
Pink Lemonade lipglass
Pro palette
Highlight color for under brows (I like Vanilla Pigment and Dazzlelight)
lid color (I love Gleam)
Crease color (I use woodwinked, though that's usually too light for other people)

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