recs needed! + face and body foundation?


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hey guys and girls.
first of all im really sorry if this question has already been posted, i did do a search but couldnt find anything :-(
anyway i really want to try mac face and body foundation but the counter i go to doesnt stock it which means ive got to buy it online and ive got not idea what shade i would need? im nw20 in all mac foundations so if any of you nw20 ladies use face and body foundation id love to know which shade it is you use!
also im planning to do a mega mac haul at the airport next week because its 17.5% cheaper in duty free so if anyones got any recs for anything you think would look nice on me thatd be really helpful!
il put a photo of me on here for reference as well!
thanks in advance



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While it isn't why you asked, I would advise you to look into MUFE's Face & Body Foundation which is far superior in terms of result and finish.


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Originally Posted by trollydolly
btw can we buy this foundation at counters in the uk? or at airports?

I got mine from a counter so I think you can. Not sure about airports though.

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