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(2022 thread)

2023 marks nine-plus years since the first Low-Buy thread was started on here way back in December 2013 (that thread was focused on 2014)! Last year I decided to change the name to Mindful Buy to focus less on the amount of money spent on makeup (although that can be helpful for some people) and more on our actual purchases themselves and how they may fit into our existing makeup stashes.

If you'd like help with making more mindful makeup purchases you are more than welcome to join us!


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I’m in!

I’m currently on a 90-day No Buy that ends January 30. I’m currently on day 78!

I’m contemplating gifting myself a fragrance for Valentine’s Day. Outside of that, I have all that I need for now. I’m enjoying the process of using what I have, and focusing on finishing products.


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January update:

I spent $38.95 during January on some hands and foot creams. I’ve been searching for moisturizers to combat the dryness and eczema I’ve developed, and so far these seem to be working! In case anyone is interested, the brand is called O’Keefe’s.

I used up 9 face and body products, 1 hair products, 2 makeup products, and 6 fragrances (travel sprays and decants).

I also decluttered 4 face and body products, 4 makeup products, 4 fragrance travel sprays and decants, and 4 fragrance bottles.

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