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Resources for sample jars, disposable applicators, and other cosmetic accessories


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Does anyone have any decent sites and or stores where I can get disposable makeup applicators. I mainly need lip, mascara, and spatulas.



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I usually buy mine online because I just don't always have time to shop.

The link above will take you right to the page. There are 4 different pages.
I use wide disposable e/s applicators instead of spatulas or wooden ones.


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Any basic beauty supply. Price check them, though, some places can really gouge you on basic disposables.


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Originally Posted by inheritedhornet

I've known some people who have bought disposables from ebay, then received the package to find out that everything in it had been used before, washed under the tap and then resold as new. Like, with gluggy mascara and eye boogers still on the spoolie wands.

Never underestimate how gross ebay can be.


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Originally Posted by coachkitten
They have some great stuff but I wish that you could buy less than 1000 pieces!

This is true, but if you're going to be using them on a regular basis at all, 1000 pieces doesn't take that long to use up.


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Originally Posted by martygreene
This is true, but if you're going to be using them on a regular basis at all, 1000 pieces doesn't take that long to use up.

I was just about to post that. When you do and wear make up alot, 1000 isn't nothing. LOL


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Ooh. Has anyone bought from here before?

Click me!

And their terms of sale.

"5 Gram Clear Base with Clear Lid without Sifter (BAS-CJ5-1)"
"1000 for $100.00 ($0.10 ea.)"

The picture's kind of small, but it looks like what you'd need. I started to checkout to see what shipping would be and they tacked on $16.95 USD, which would make it $0.12/jar if they don't add anything for tax.


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Or, you could check out CoastalScents.com They've got a lot of good deals for 5g jars with or w/out sifters, spatulas, scales, etc.

Here you can get 50 clear 5g jars w/ optional sifters for $12.49
<A HREF=http://www.coastalscents.com/cfwebstore/index.cfm/product/1494_97/5-gram-jars-with-square-base-clear-lid-optional-sifters.cfm"TARGET=new>Coastal Scents: 5g jars with square base</A>

They also carry the metal pans for pressing, some are already magentized so you won't have to attach additional magnets -very cool!
And they carry inexpensive quads.

Worth a glance!


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Does anyone know of where I can get sample jars in Australia? I am thinking it will probably be easier/quicker/cheaper to get it from the states but just wondering whether there's a more local option? (i'm in SA)


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i get most of my disposables at sally beauty supply.....i have had some bad ebay experiences. at sally's the prices are reasonable and so are the quantities (i simply do not have the storage for 1,000 disposable mascara wands).

i have bought sample, screw top jars for pigment samples from ebay, but again, the whole quantity thing comes into play.




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At thebodyneeds2.com they have 5g jars for very cheap. They're website gets funky sometimes as far as the pages loading, but I emailed her one time and she fixed it and replied in a timely manner.


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There are some samples jars from TKB Trading (they have other cool things that you might want to check out too). Also, there's ebay. I got ones with the sifter.