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There are some samples jars from TKB Trading (they have other cool things that you might want to check out too). Also, there's ebay. I got ones with the sifter.

I've used a lot of TKB's jars, and while I can't recommend their stackable 20 gram jars for repotting (they're not big enough and the pigment tends to get stuck a bit in the grooves), their sample-sized jars are nice. The clear jars with the screw top lids are really nice, and in fact, most of the mineral make-up companies use these jars for their pigments and samples. The "cutie pies" are nice, too; I mostly use them for making my own lipglosses, as the pop-up lid can make pigment fly out.


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I've ordered jars from coastal scents twice. For the price..i guess you're getting a good deal, but i've found the quality of the jars isn't the best. a lot of the lids don't screw on to the jar very well. i had a small amount of pigment in my makeup bag, and i ALWAYS screw my caps on tightly, and the cap came loose and spilled all over my stuff.

i use them when i sound out pigment samples, but i seal it with tape to make sure it doesn't open up and spill everywhere.

mac just changed their sample jars
they're just like coastal scents jars now! i miss the old mac jars..damn.

i'm on the hunt for jars, too!


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I always get mine from bluestarlightenterprises99 on Ebay. Tami is sooo nice and she ships incredibly fast. I don't even think she waits for payment to be cleared, thats how trusting she is. I go back to her over and over again.


Blue Starlight Enterprises - Live a more Colorful Life!

Welcome to Blue Starlight Enterprises!

We are your store for sifter jars and storage jars in a variety of sizes, including 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30 gram.

We also carry a line of disposable make up brushes, including mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick and lipgloss brushes! Others styles and sizes may be special ordered.

Custom orders

We are always happy to do custom orders! Just send us a list of what you are looking for and we will get you a quote for merchandise and shipping/handling charges. All jars, tubes and brushes are available in large quantities (up to 10,000). All custom listing quotes are good for 30 days.

They also ship internationally.


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Hello, try iKatehouse
they have mascara wands, spatulas, arcylic jars for $1.00 etc :)