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I love the skinlights line!! they give an awesome glow without being 'frosty' or too sparkley/shimmery. also, i love how the shimmer that does show up isn't just white or gold shimmer like most products (which makes skin look frosty)...they're closer to skin colored flecks of shimmer, so it just looks really dewy and pretty. =)

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Argh, I hadn't heard this, I use my skinlights everyday under my foundation
guess i'll have to find something else.


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I wondered why I found the whole line at a local Big Lots. I really like this line, so I guess I better go buy back ups.

I've never understand why they seem to d/c lines that are really popular, too.


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Originally Posted by saniyairshad
Revlon skinlights is the best thing they ever came out with...
it's sad they d/c things that people love the most

i totally agree! i have tried a number of skin-glow-enhancing type lotions n potions, and Skinlights is my fave each and every time! the most recent trial product being the ModelCo Luminosity whip, which is ok, but i much rather prefer Skinlights.
(BTW, wat other products have ppl used and wat r ur reviews, out of curiosity???)
Like someone earlier mentioned, it gives u just the right amount of glow - not too discoball, not too Morticia - *LOL*. And reasonabl price too for what u get. I mix mine with foundation too! I got the Skinlights sticks too which was released as a LE and they are fantastic too - gr8 to have in the handbag for a touchup! but was uber disappointed wen i couldnt buy them anymore, now to hear the actual lotion is going too??!! *boooo*

Try the chemist or even ebay (!!!) if ur local runs out....but be quick i spose!


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Anyone tried the LE bare it all by Revlon? How does this compare to skinlights? I thought the color selection is hard to choose from. It comes in buff, pink, peach, and golden. Since I plan to mix with foundation as highlight, I hope the buff will work since the rest have a touch of color in them.


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why oh why do they have to d/c the good stuff? I love the skinlights powder. Luckily I just bought one from a girl on another site and swapped for another container on another site. so hopefully that will last me a while.

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