RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Collection (December 12, 2013)


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RiRi • Hearts • Holiday
Release In-Stores & Counters - 12/12
Packaging is White Pearl w/ Original Decals

Lipstick = $16.50
RL RiRi Woo (RM) Cool Red
LE Bad Girl RiRi (M) Taupy Nude
LE Pleasure Bomb (M) Fuchsia

Veluxe Pearl Fusion Shadow = $44
LE 2X Dare (Veluxe Pearlfushion Shadow)
- White Silver (Frost)
- Deep Grey Blue (Frost)
- Mid-Tone Beigey Grey (Frost)
- Deep Cement w/ Pearlized Pigments (Frost)
- Light Crystal Mauve (Frost)

LE Phresh Out (Veluxe Pearlfushion Shadow)
- Soft Champaige (Frost)
- Peachy Gold w/ Pearlized Pigments (Frost)
- Blackened Plum (Frost)
- Soft Pink w/ Pearlized Pigments (Frost)
- Mid-Tone Violet Mauve (Frost)

Superslick Liquid Eyeliner = $20.50
- Pisces Persuasion (LE) Shimmer White
- Cockiness (LE) Shimmer Rose Gold

Bronzing Powder = $30
- Love, Rihanna (LE) Solf Gold-Brown w/ Overspray of Pearlized Gold Pigments

LE RiRi Woo Nail Lacquer
LE 217 & 239 Double Ended Eye Brush
LE Pink Metalic Quilted Makeup Bag

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Skipped the previous RiRi collections so I hope this one has something that tickles my fancy!

Dolly Snow

I wanted all her other ones to suck so bad, but I ended up buying all the lipsticks, and cheek products. So I know this one should kick butt too.
I hope there is a new cheek product for the holiday one.
And more lipsticks too.
Can't wait for more on this collection!


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So far we know there will be 10 new items including nail polish, more lipsticks and a makeup bag along with white packaging and pink signatures.

Will update once the color story has been released.
White? I thought it's silver.


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I would be ok with that.
really? i like this whole online and store option. store only i feel like the stampede is going to be too real lmao

Quote: Originally Posted by Corally

Nope. I did want RiRi Boy and I asked for a cp but because of the waiting room crap it was backordered for like a month so I didn't want it anymore.
damn. but i feel you. that whole launch was annoying


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I want rose gold packaging again, but whatever. A makeup bag, eh? With that big ass R on it? No. Excited about the colors, though and I might snag another RRW and just complete my own RRW collection. :haha: I hope if there's any quads or shadows that they aren't an attempt to repackage old shadows.


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really? i like this whole online and store option. store only i feel like the stampede is going to be too real lmao
Yep, went after the stampede and everything was there. My store is a bit uppity so that's probably why it was still fully stocked lol.

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