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i dont discuss this stuff in actual life and i wouldn't ever, so i figured i would on here haha.....

does anyone else ever dress up and 'play' like nurse or maid? or has a bf/husband ever suggested it? would u ever do it or do u think its just silly?

im totally in love with and all the sexy lil oufits they make, so i think that sparked the roleplaying with us. lol i think it keeps the sex really good, as long as u don't over-do it. it can get sooo freaking sensual and i love that.

oh and i totally have to say, halloween is the freaking BEST night ever to buy a sexy costume and roleplay with ur man hahaha


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We don`t really do it, but that`s more because it`s never really stood out for us as something we`d really want to try. I can see how it would be a lot of fun though, and we probably will try it at some point. We kind of do things as they occur to us.


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I love roleplaying. LoL we never did it like to the full extent but we roleplayed somewhat. Sometimes it'll just be out of the blue and he'll be like "So how much do u charge for a blowjob?" lol Or sometimes we'd be driving and I'd be giving him oral and he'd pull over into an alley and I'd really feel likea hooker and we'd act that out lol

And once I put my hair into pigtails and he was the principal and i was the bad girl and he punished me lol....

I will do pretty much anything...i like to have fun. Role playing can be pretty silly but its a lot of fun and its something different. Once I get a breast reduction I can be able to fit into all the outfits


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i sure do! keeps the spark going! just my opinion...

and let me tell you!



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that seems like it would be really fun and sexy. i'd think it would be a bit awkward at first but once you get into it,then its loads of awesomeness


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It's fun. My ex had asked me to put on a white button up shirt and a pencil skirt and play secretary with him. And I have gotten him to put on a ski mask, camo pants and boots. That was a fun night.


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The idea sounds first off like so much fun - for me to to put on a costume and do hair and make up- part of what I love about Halloween. I think it would be good for our sex lives.... yet, since my fiance has expressed little interest in it I don't think we've really been able to actually role-play. For example, I've had a costume- but it happened to be Halloween night... but I see that as a really easy way to ease into that kind of thing. Just wear a costume the first time, maybe next time if you are normally aggressive be demure or vice versa, and someday work up to the full naughty teacher that spanks, haha.

Honestly, it's sad to say but I haven't really gotten around to it because the sex is still good after 6 years... and I'm kind of cheap to buy an outfit for sex. But, also part of why I personally haven't done it yet is because I want to keep it in my arsenal when our sex life needs some sparking.


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I'm DYING to do some roleplay with the boss/secretary/screwing in the office scenario, or having my man dress up like a police officer and me doing something special to get outta trouble, LOL

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