rule of thumb on blushes???


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ok, i tend to wear peach colored blushes - i will wear MAC Pinch O Peach when i wear natural brown e/s or when i do red lips. Milani Lumionous is great, too.

i picked up MAC Blushbaby (natural pink?) for my engagement party since i was wearing a traditional dress in purple - so my makeup, though natural, had a little purple in in.

recently i got MAC Fab (plummy shimmer?) from a specktrette here. and if all goes well, I'll be getting Milani Temptation and Mango Tango which are supposedly dupes for Nars Sin (berry with gold shimmer) and Exhibit A (brillant red) repectively.

ok, no more blushes for me. but, what is a good rule of thumb on when to use which color? i especially need help with knowing when to pair my makeup with Fab, Temptation and Mango Tango.



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For me, daylight/natural light = less strong blush
office/flourescent light = darker but still not overly dramatic blush
a night out = a more dramatic blush

but that' sjust me.


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someone told me that Mango Tango was coral and looks great when paired with turqouise, teal, green gold e/s.

when should i reach for Barbie Loves Mac Fab blush? since it's plummy, would it look good when i pair it with purple e/s?


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I don't think makeup should have any rules, tbh. Just pick something that is overall flattering to your skintone, the occasion, and to what you are wearing. Not saying to match your makeup in colour to your clothing, but just do it doesn't clash.

Sorry if that's not really helpful but I don't think makeup should have rules!


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you can use anything, just use an angle fluffy fluffy brush for light and layered application


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Well this isn't a rule of thumb, but if I am doing dramatic or colorful eyes, I try to keep my blush at a simple, natural and uncomplicated for that day. You don't want to overwhelm your face, or people who look at your face, lol. But like Yummy said, you can make even the brightest blush readily wearable with a light hand and a good brush.

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